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Dinner Menu

Depending on the season and the farmers’ market availability, some ingredients will change.


San Pedro yellowfin tuna, smoked mushroom tamari-koji, citrus  14

STAR ROUTE little gem, SHINKO pear, roots & stems, BROKAW avocado, burned citrus vinaigrette 13

Tomales Bay MIYAGI oysters with NIITAKA pear, cider mignonette, sansho (2 ea)         10                                        

roasted Tomales Bay miyagi oysters, SHARED CULTURES urfa chili miso (2 ea)   12

charred ZUCKERMAN asparagus, lemon, chili oil                11

smoked ZUCKERMAN potatoes, crème fraiche, salsa verde               12

grilled pasture raised BIG BLUFF RANCH chicken on a stick, drippings, sichuan       13

crunchy LIBERTY duck leg, gochujang, pickles                                                                                     18

salt & pepper WOLFE RANCH quail                                                         19

warm STAR ROUTE spring onion & cheddar gougères (2 ea)       6


STEMPLE CREEK braised beef belly, spinach pasta, fermented black bean, parmesan 25

ugly mushroom filled pasta, trumpets, SHARED CULTURES celery root miso butter            23 


char siu STEMPLE CREEK short rib, riblet, cabbage, NIITAKA pear, kohlrabi          45

Half Moon Bay black cod, spring peas & shoots, charred scallion                            30

LIBERTY duck, artichoke, maitake, mustard       37

farmer’s market roots & bulbs, lentils, curry                                30

dessert (12 ea)

oolong-oatmilk boba tea snow

brûléed cream cheese and heirloom bean tart

K & J chestnut cream “cannoli”

triple-layer chocolate cake, market strawberries, ganache

20% service charge added to all checks and shared amongst the entire staff                                                                                               

***Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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