Dinner Menu

Depending on the season and the farmers’ market availability, some ingredients will change.


Bodega bay albacore, tomato, cucumber, avocado, chili, succulents    18     

Tomales Bay MIYAGI oysters with water kimchi (2 ea)                                                  10

charred TENDY 43 Tokyo turnips, pine nut, sesame, sweet soy                          11        

smoked ZUCKERMAN potatoes, sour cream, charred scallion, chives [add trout roe +$5]               12

grilled STAR ROUTE little gem, GRAVENSTEIN apple, avocado, parmesan, wild rice, green goddess         12

crunchy salt & pepper WOLFE RANCH quail                                                        19

crispy LIBERTY duck leg, gochujang, pickles                                                                                     18

brown butter brioche w/ CARNIVAL peach browned butter, butter                                     8    


LIBERTY duck confit, noodles, tomato, squash, scallion, parmesan         24

ugly mushroom filled pasta, SHARED CULTURES corn miso butter           21        


aged STEMPLE CREEK short rib, riblet, peppers, fermented black bean                   45

McFARLAND trout, celery root, STAR ROUTE beans, bronx grapes                             30

LIBERTY duck, BARTLETT pear, shallot, mustards, pomegranate            35

honeynut squash. FIFTH CROW beans, tomato, maitake, rice                                     30

dessert (12 ea)

ZUCKERMAN melon snow with shiso

warm-last-of-the-peaches pie with whipped crème fraiche

caramelized white chocolate RED BAY coffee mousse cake

California olive oil cake with O’ HENRY peaches

RED BARTLETT pear éclair, mascarpone, hazelnut praline

20% service charge added to all checks and shared amongst the entire staff                                                                                               

***Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.